Trades & skills


Speak English clearly
Plan job, identify & control risks
Interpret drawings & prepare equipment
Interpret crane lifting chart
Calculate weight of load
Identify centre of gravity of loads
Select correct lifting equipment
Slinging using range of lifting gear
Apply various slinging methods
Direct crane when moving load
Use two-way radio
Apply verbal, hand & whistle signals
Direct load not in view of crane operator


General labouring
Hand tools, shovel, wheel barrow
Jackhammer, drill, grinder, saw
Placement & spreading concrete
Stripping formwork & cleaning
Work unsupervised
Use two-way radio


Interpreting shop drawings
Tilt-up panel on-site
Precast panel off-site factory
Prepare mould & steel fixing
Trowel, screeding & finishing
Set out of panels & dowels
Rigging/dogman, crane
Panel installation & propping
Site welding connections
Patching & grouting
Caulking panel joins
Multi-storey erection
Warehouse erection
Precast columns & beams
Precast hollow core decks
Lift cores & stairs
Jackhammer, drill & epoxy, grinder
Stripping formwork & cleaning


Erect & dismantle structures
Erect steelwork
Erect precast & tilt-up panels
Erect free standing towers
Erect gin poles, guyed structures
Assembly of crane boom sections
Use safety nets & static lines
Fitting of plant & hoists
Interpret drawings


Speak English clearly
Plan job site, identify & control risks
Select correct scaffold equipment
Erect, alter & dismantle modular scaffold
Cantilevered hoist, ropes & gin wheels
Install safety nets & static lines
Cantilevered & spurred scaffolds
Perimeter screens & sloping platforms
Hung scaffolds, swing stage equipment

Civil, roads & infrastructure

Industry sector experience

  • Oil & Gas, Mining

Plant licenses

  • Scissor EWP
  • Boom EWP
  • Forklift
  • Car Licence


  • CFMEU member
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Dogging Licence (DG)
  • Rigger Basic Level (RB)
  • Rigger Intermediate Level (RI)
  • Scaffold Awareness
  • Scaffolding - Basic
  • Scaffolding - Intermediate
  • White Card (Red Card)
  • Working at Heights