Trades & skills

Civil, roads & infrastructure

Drainage, pipe laying
Road pavement
Pump stations
Stormwater pit construction


Speak English clearly
Communicate using two-way radio
Construction site dayshift
Set-up & maintain barricades
Monitor & control people behaviour
Screen people & check items
Manage conflict through negotiation
Warn offenders, report violations
Talk to public & police
Complete incident reports
Ability to work unsupervised

Traffic control

Interpret and apply traffic guidance scheme and TMP
Set up traffic control signage & devices
Large road closures & freeway works
Radio communication with workers
Safe removal of traffic control devices
Ensure equipment is checked & stored
Operate stop/slow bat
Speak English clearly

Industry sector experience

  • Schools & Universities
  • Sporting venues

Plant licenses

  • Car Licence


  • CPR
  • First Aid
  • Working with Children
  • Working with Children